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Turnkey RIA Startup Packages
Ongoing Support Services
Training and Coaching
Continuing Education Development
FINRA and NFA Broker-Dealer Services
Registered MSRB Firm Services
Credit Union and Bank-Owned Programs
Services for Securities Attorneys
Services for Technology Providers

RIA and BD Initial Registration

Customized Ongoing Support

Continuing Education and Training

Practice Management Coaching Services

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Hire a Compliance Company:I made an early decision to hire a company to file my initial compliance documents. …[Y]ou are going to think you are smart enough to do this yourself. After staring at the forms for a week, I finally bit the bullet after a strong recommendation from Blair Hodgson DuQuesnay, and I hired Comprehensive Securities Compliance Solutions, better known as CS2… It was the best money I spent. Let me repeat: this saved me time and money! If you only take away one piece of advice, let it be this: pay someone who specializes in this…”
Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

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